Akashic Records Training

A 3-month journey into the essence of you!

Join me for an intense journey and learning that will introduce you into how to work with your Akashic Records.

We will have weekly video training sessions where all the work will be performed in your Akashic Records.  You will be activated and learn how to read your own Akashic Records and how to heal yourself.  You will also learn how to work in someone else's records.


In your Akashic Records, you can close out, complete life lessons, and gain knowledge from your past lifetimes, and find patterns in your life.  Working with the Akashic Records you can also connect to your guides on a deeper level.

If you are ready for intense healing of who you are, and what you came to do, but you feel like something is missing.  This program will uncover it for you.

Investment of: $147 if you sign up today.

Tomorrow the price will go up.


There will be weekly sessions. Hosted in a Facebook group with access to Zoom.


12 Weeks Starting Saturday, July 24 at 9 am CDT.

Times are open for change if enough people request it.

Module 1- Basic, How to Clean Your Energy Field, Cut Cords and Do Soul Retrievals

Module 2- Discover what is your psychic ability and fully activating it.

Module 3- Akashic Records Explanation + Q & A &

Activation Ceremony

Module 4- Going in Your Records and Activation

Module 5- Working with Your Records & Talking to Your Team

Module 6- Tools and Activities to do in Your Own Records

Module 7- Working with the Tools

Module 8 - Practice on Someone's else records

Module 9 - Specific Questions Answers and Topics for Assisting Clients

Module 10 - Gift Retrieval Process

Module 11 - Working with Business Records

Module 12 - Working in Different Rooms for Different Scenarios

Module 13- Closing Out Life Lessons & Contracts

Module 14 - Surprise! 

Each week there will be a new module, also please note that after week 3, you will be working in your own personal records.  Each Time.  You will receive the Training and then work together in yours.

VIP- $200 3 Personal Reading With Alicia during the Program.